Blackburn Energy Patent

Blackburn has now received approval for their RelGen patent. This represents a strategic breakthrough for Andrew, Peter, and the BB team. While patents are difficult to come by and expensive to obtain, they also protect the intellectual property developed exclusively by the company from copying or imitation. This has been a concern for Andrew since getting started and throughout the journey. It is a great accomplishment.....kudo's to Blackburn Energy.

While brilliance can be exhibited through simplicity, simple can also be prone to repetition, and therefore a threat. I have always been impressed by the simplicity of this product and how it was not complicated by technology but delivered through off the shelf parts; and that it addresses a universal problem throughout the diesel truck landscape. Which is also why extensive effort and expense are needed in obtaining a patent. The patent may not make the product function any better, but it improves the value of the product through exclusivity from alternatives within its marketplace, and greatly increases the value of the company.

Blackburn Energy represents a case study in how to identify a common problem, address the problem through execution, and protect the solution from the ultimate form of flattery - copycat - through the patent process. Others can learn a great deal from Blackburn.

Andrew Amigo in 'Beta'-drive


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